Throwback Thursday – Mystery Jets: “Radlands”

For those of you that don’t know who ‘Mystery Jets’ are, they’re an English indie rock band, and yes, they are amazing.

This is a section of my blog I am hoping to post every Thursday, and as the name suggests, it will talk about old music that I still play and love today. The first album I will talk about is going to be “Radlands”, by Mystery Jets.

Now I first came across Mystery Jets when I was watching a Reading festival live on the T.V back in 2012, and instantly fell in love with their music. I didn’t know their music at the time, but when I searched them up later that night, I found the absolute gem that is “Radlands”, which has gone on to be one of my favourite indie albums ever.

“Radlands” was released back in 2012, hence why I was hearing it on the Reading live set. It is an 11-track album, and each track is pure gold. They then announced they would be performing at Y not Festival in 2013, which was the year before I started attending to Y not, so I am gutted I never got to see them and are still yet to see them live, but they’re most definitely on the list.

The album was written in Texas, and lead singer Blaine Harrison sings about the town’s musical heritage, and one of the tracks is actually called ‘Lost in Austin’. Some pure guitar heavy rock and roll in “Someone Purer”, to slower tracks in “Luminescence”, to more upbeat tracks that we have seen in the past from the band in “The Hale Bop”, this album has it all.

Among all these amazing tracks, there is one that really stands out for me. “Take Me Where the Roses Grow” features a beautiful female voice in the form of Sophie-Rose Harper, whose voice contrasts perfectly with Blaine’s, and really makes you feel the great chemistry they have throughout the whole song.

All in all, “Radlands” is still to this day one of my favourite albums, despite nearly being 6 years old now, and feels like no matter how far in the future, it will always be an album I listen to. I would recommend this album to anyone and urge anyone that is a fan of indie music to give it a listen if you haven’t already.

Favourite song on the album: “Take Me Where the Roses Grow”

Let me know if you give the album a listen what you think of it by dropping me a comment, or if you are a fellow fan, I’d love to hear!

Check out “Radlands” on Spotify and iTunes or listen to it via the side of my page (desktop) or bottom of my page (mobile).

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