Why Patawawa are the band you should be listening to right now

Patawawa are the next generation of funk and disco (and absolute legends on Instagram) if you didn’t already know.

An electronic trio that hails from the small town of Matlock, in Derbyshire (Local to us here at Full Volume), Patawawa were recently featured in the top 100 bands for 2018 by NME magazine, and definitely a band that you should be listening to right now.

I first heard about Patawawa from my friend, who is a big fan of music and bands. He saw them at 110 Above Festival in Leicestershire, and then went to see them live at ‘The Loft’ in Matlock, and recommended I give them a listen as they were incredible live, and so I did, and did not regret it.

Patawawa 2

Patawawa mix funky disco with groovy baselines to create music that makes you want to just get up and dance. The group have spread far beyond the small town of Matlock and have gained fans from everywhere, being recognised by local radio, BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1, as well as NME magazine and more.

The bands most recent EP named ‘Bedroom’ is definitely one to give a listen. 5 funky songs that will most certainly make you feel groovy, perfect for playing at parties and getting you ready for summer. “Patagonia”, my favourite song on the EP, is an absolute banger by the way. Songs like this, along with the other 4 songs on the EP are exactly what I need to get me in a good mood, and I’m excited to see what Patawawa produce in the near future, and hopefully get a chance to see them live soon!

Patawawa will be performing at Tramlines Festival this summer, check out their Bedroom-EP on Spotify and iTunes, or check them out and listen directly from the bottom of my page (mobile) or the side of my page (desktop).



Patawawa 3



  1. Wow, they’re awesome! Love at first listen.

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