Album Talk – The Vaccines: “Combat Sports”

The Vaccines return with their long awaited fourth album, and it feels like time travel back to the original Vaccines we know and love, swaying away from the pop side we saw coming out of them in recent releases.

The band have really produced on this album, back to the roots of The Vaccines, with real rock and roll style bangers on the 11-track release. I have been a fan of The Vaccines for a very long time now and I am so glad they have produced an album that really takes me back to the days of ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines’, feeling refreshed with the addition of two new band members, keyboardist Tim Lanham and drummer Yoann Intonti.

The album begins with “Put It on a T-Shirt’, a tune that really sets the tone for the rest of the album, and is actually one of my favourites. A classic indie banger that reminds me of The Vaccines I fell in love with. The album also has some heavier songs that sound a lot more rock and roll, such as “Nightclub” and “Surfing in the Sky”, which I’m sure fans of the band will absolutely love.

As I talk about the Vaccines going back to their roots of original indie rock, they have still incorporated a side of new school indie pop, in “Your Love is My Favourite Band”, but it feels like a rejuvenated band that we are listening to on this album, rather than one that is producing music that isn’t true to the band. Of course this is all in my own opinion.

Slowing the album down slightly, The Vaccines incorporate “Young American”, showing that they aren’t just a band that focuses on guitar heavy tunes, and can produce a much softer more emotional piece of music.

It is so good to see The Vaccines back to where they should be, at the top of every indie rock fans list of bands to listen to, and I really feel like fans of the band will appreciate this album more than any other they have released.

Favourite song on the album: I Can’t Quit

You can check out ‘Combat Sports’ using the links down below on Spotify and iTunes. You can also listen directly from the Full Volume page at the side (Desktop) or the bottom (Mobile). As always id love to hear your thoughts on this album, so drop a comment!

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