Paulina Sjöberg – ‘When the Sea Became the City’

Paulina Sjöberg is a singer/songwriter that is based in Houston, Texas, and has released a single named “When the Sea Became the City”, also released on her project, Deja Vu Vol. 1.

The song highlights the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, which struck Houston between August and September 2017, tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone on record, inflicting $125 billion (2017 USD) in damage.

Paulina’s incredible vocals shine light on the aftermath of the hurricane, showing the community of Houston coming together and working for each other to put the tragedy behind them and help each other in every way they can. The Texan songwriter mixes great vocals with high levels of emotion, as well as some upbeat wordplay to showcase how she really feels about the incident, and how the efforts made afterwards really were something special.  It is great to see the closeness of the community of Houston after such a horrible event.

$1 of every pre-order and purchase of Deja Vu Vol. 1 will be donated to the Greater Houston Community Foundation for relief efforts, with the video and song, “When the Sea Became the City” completely non-profit.

Listen to and watch the music video for “When the Sea Became City” using the link below!

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