Album Talk – ISLAND: ‘Feels Like Air’

Its Monday again, and with Monday comes one of my favourite times of the week, Album Talk! Monday is usually the worst day of the week for most, but here we have a band that is sure to brighten up your Monday (even though the day is nearly over, sorry about that).

ISLAND are an alternative guitar band from London, and their debut album ‘Feels Like Air’ was released at the start of this month. I must say I hadn’t even stumbled across this album until I ran into it on Apple music when working on my university dissertation, but man it felt like I had all the motivation in the world whilst listening to this album, and as said by radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens, this band are special.

The band formed as teenagers, and really show their true potential in this release, with incredible vocals from frontman Rollo Doherty, and fantastic tunes with melodic instrumentals from a very talented band. The album was written and produced entirely by the band, and apparently draws on influences from bands they love including Kings of Leon and Fleetwood Mac.

The album features 11 tracks of pure quality music and includes a range of different sounds throughout. The album opener ‘Ride’ really sets the tone for the rest of the album, with an upbeat tempo that will get your toe tapping. ‘The Day I Die’ is a song with a powerful chorus, really showing off the frontman’s vocals. The album is slowed down by songs such as the title track ‘Feels Like Air’, and album closer ‘Lilyflower’, which shows an emotional side to the band.

I believe this band is very promising and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future, and hopefully see them rise to stardom. I hope to see ISLAND live at some point on their tour, Nottingham would be great!

Favourite song on the album: The Day I Die

You can listen the ‘Feels Like Air’ using the links below on Spotify and iTunes, or listen directly from my page! As always, let me know what you think of this album and if you think ISLAND are going to be as big as I think they are.

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