Single Review – Phalcons: “Swim Away”

Phalcons have released their second single titled “Swim Away”, and I’ve had it on repeat!

Aled over at Beast PR told me about Phalcons, and enlightened me of their new single release “Swim Away” last week, and since then I have been listening to the bands new single over and over, its just so good.

Phalcons have a kind of ‘The Vaccines’ style sound to their music in my opinion, but more melodic and slightly more soothing, so if you are a fan of that type of tune you’re gonna love this. The single is a follow up to the bands debut single, “Idle Ways”, and it feels like this band have an instantly recognisable sound to their music.

Lead singer Ben Ellis explained that the songs sound came from a dream, and whilst listening to this tune, you kinda feel like you are in a dream, the dreamy vocals take you away. This is a proper catchy toe tapping song, and I am definitely going to be keeping up with future music from Phalcons.

“Swim Away” is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can listen using the link to Spotify below!

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