Throwback Thursday – The Streets: ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’

That time again, time for another throwback, and in light of The Streets announcing another huge U.K tour, I thought it was only fitting to throwback to an absolute classic, ‘A Grand Don’t Come for Free’.

Back on the 17th of May, 2004, Mike Skinner and the gang from Birmingham released ‘A Grand Don’t Come for Free’, an album that went on to become an all-time classic on the U.K scene, and listed in the well-known book ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’.

The album is the bands second studio album, and is actually known as a concept album, which if listened from track 1 all the way to track 11 in order, tells the listener a story. The whole story is told by each song (which I will list in brackets) and goes like this:

  • Saved up by the protagonist (being the lead vocalist Mike Skinner) of the story, a grand (£1000) had been lost when they came home and found it had been stolen, with the T.V not working. (“It Was Supposed to Be So Easy”)
  • Skinner starts a relationship with a girl who works in JD sports with his mate Dan (“Could Well Be In”)
  • Skinner tries to win back the £1000 he lost by gambling on football (“Not Addicted”)
  • Skinner is stood up by his new girlfriend in a night club, and so he proceeds to take ecstasy to pass the time (“Blinded By the Lights”)
  • He moves in with his new girlfriend and finds himself staying in the house and smoking marijuana rather than going out with his friends (Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way”)
  • He then gets kicked out of his girlfriend’s house after an argument, with his girlfriend saying she hopes he begs for her forgiveness (“Get Out of My House”)
  • Skinner goes on holiday and tries to impress another girl he thinks is really attractive (“Fit But You Know It”)
  • On his return from the holiday, Skinner feels bad, realising he still wants to be with his girlfriend (“Such a Twat”)
  • Skinner thinks his friend Scott stole his money and his girlfriend, but then discovers his girlfriend is having an affair with his other friend Dan (“What is He Thinking”)
  • Skinner breaks up with his girlfriend and goes through a hard time (“Dry Your Eyes Mate”)
  • The final track describes two endings to the story, one in which he gets into a fight with the TV repairman about the cost to repair his broken T.V after the repairman told him he found something in the back of the television, and the other in which his mate Scott comes to help fix the television, and finds out that the £1000 had actually fallen down the back of his T.V and he never lost it after all (“Empty Can”)

An insane album with singles that will go down in history on the U.K scene in “Fit But You Know It”, “Dry Your Eyes Mate” and “Blinded by The Lights”. I am lucky enough to have seen Mike Skinner live perform one of his DJ sets, and had one of the best times ever, absolutely insane.

Longer blog than usual I know but this album literally tells a story, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the album, and if you have a copy of this all-time classic! As always you can listen to ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ using the links below on Spotify and iTunes or directly from my page.

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