Album Talk – EP Edition – Franc Moody: ‘Dance Moves’

Alright people! I apologise for missing yesterdays album talk, I was chilling in my garden with the family making the most of the incredible weather! Along with incredible weather, it would be a shame to not have a funky bit of music to go with it to get you up on your feet dancing, because everyone knows the sun puts us all in a good mood, and so my music of choice at the moment is the newest EP from Franc Moody, that goes by the name of ‘Dance Moves’ (perfect name am I right!?).

Franc Moody are a collective of musical artists from London who produce funky disco like dance music, and if you listened to Patawawa after my reading my blog about them, then you’re definitely going to love these! The groups newest EP named ‘Dance Moves’ was released at the end of March, but I never got around to doing a blog on it, and so here it is, and the name literally suggests what you will wanna do after listening to this, and that’s show off your dance moves.

The EP features 8 tracks of pure summer bangers. It features previously released singles in “Dopamine”, “Pheromones” and “Super Star Struck”, whilst also featuring 5 brand new tracks from the group. Each songs beat is contagious and will grasp you instantly. The group already boast many previous accolades including being named as one of the “New Names” on Radio 1 by Annie Mac, as well as a host of festivals they look to perform at this year across the U.K.

The extremely talented group that are Franc Moody are one you should be listening to if you’re looking to get yourself dancing and preparing for summer! I for one will certainly be listening to this EP on the lead up to my summer holiday and looking out for brand new music from the group in the future.

Favourite track on the EP: “Dopamine”

You can listen to ‘Dance Moves’ using the links below to Spotify and iTunes, or listen directly from my page!

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