Lunar Femmes – Moongirl EP

I know I know, I have been meaning to do this blog for so long now (Sorry Charlotte and Emmy!), but as some of you may have seen over on my twitter, I recently finished my last piece of work for university, so it has been a struggle! Anyway, here it is, and if you are looking for something to relax you from your stressful week, then I have just the EP for you!

Lunar Femmes are an electronic duo from Cambridge in England, and Houston in Texas, and their latest release ‘Moongirl’ features a mix of atmospheric music with a hint of synth pop, and is really a cracking EP if you’re looking for music to chill out to.

Released on April 10th, 2018, the EP features 5 tracks, telling the story of two lovers that meet for the first time before being separated again by a great distance. Charlotte and Emmy met and fell in love with each other despite living thousands of miles apart, yet the duo still really connect with each other through the music, it’s great to see.

The tracks on this release really warm the listener, starting off slow with the opening track “Launch” and third track “Emmy’s Melancholy”, and heading into faster tracks incorporating much more of a ‘pop’ style to their music, I for one have been listening to this EP to chill me out in times of stress!

You can listen to ‘Moongirl’ using the links below to spotify and iTunes, and let me know what you think about Lunar Femmes latest release!

There will be an album talk blog hopefully this weekend since I missed Mondays, but until then, stay tuned for tomorrows Throwback Thursday!

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