Album Talk – Kanye West: ‘ye’

So, I’m trying to get the blog back on schedule, and it starts with resuming album talk every Monday, and there was only one album I was going to write about this week, and it comes from the controversial Mr. Kanye West, and his new release ‘ye’.

Now I have been excited for this album since he first teased it being a fan of Kanye West since all the way back in the ‘Late Registration’ days. Now of course, recently we have all seen Kanye’s antics over on twitter, and all found out that he is a bit wild, and I can certainly say, this album reflects that. It’s a crazy side of Kanye that I absolutely love, not afraid to speak his mind, and musically, and absolute genius.

Yes, I will agree, this album is a little bit nuts, but in a good way right. So the first thing that pops out about this album is the album cover of course, which according to Kim Kardashian was taken on Kanye’s phone on the way to the ‘ye’ listening party, after spending around $85,000 on the album cover for Pusha T’s album ‘Daytona’ just over a week before. The album cover also has the words ‘I hate being Bi-Polar its awesome’, which is in relation to him recently opening up about being Bipolar and his mental health issues.

The album features just 7 tracks and is only around 23 minutes in length, yet it feels he put his everything into each track on ‘ye’, answering questions about his life and statements he has made, including the famous “Slavery was a choice” statement Kanye made on twitter. The album also has an impressive list of guests making an appearance on the release, including the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Cudi and Nicki Minaj. Personally, I think Kanye is an absolute musical genius, and his talent is overwhelming, as a producer, rapper and lyricist, including having an incredible ear for sampling music.

Some of the tracks on the album contain some of the dark suicidal and homicidal thoughts of Kanye West including the album opener “I Thought About Killing You” and “Yikes”. The album also includes a song dedicated to his wife Kim explaining how grateful he is she has stood by him through his times of darkness and mental health, titled “Wouldn’t Leave”. I really was expecting something a bit bonkers after the year Kanye West has had, but as per usual, he has produced yet another phenomenal piece of work, and music fans have to appreciate the production on ‘ye’, Kanye fan or not!

I would urge people, especially hip-hop fans, to give ‘ye’ a listen, and as always, please let me know your thoughts about the release!

Favourite song on the album: “All Mine”

You can listen to ‘ye’ directly from my page or using the links below to Spotify and iTunes, and be sure to stay tuned for a blog coming to my page soon on a very talented singer songwriter named Georgia Fearn and her album ‘Perfect On Paper’.

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