Album Talk – Georgia Fearn: ‘Perfect On Paper’

Hello everyone, I return from my horrendous week with Tonsillitis! All good now though and am looking to resume content as per normal, so here is Mondays album talk, and today we feature a fantastic up and coming singer songwriter that goes by the name of Georgia Fearn (you should definitely check her out she’s awesome), and her album ‘Perfect On Paper’.

Now Georgia Fearn is 17 years old and comes from Carmarthen in Wales, and is a singer songwriter that began writing songs at the age of just 9, I know, crazy right?! Last March, Georgia released her incredible album ‘Perfect On Paper’, and from the moment I heard it I could tell I was listening to a very talented musician. The release features 12 tracks, incorporating many different genres of music, making the album exciting to listen to. Georgia’s musical talent really does shine through on her debut release, and not to mention the near perfect vocals on each track.

The album opens with a track named “L’Amour”, which I feel is the perfect opener to this album, as it just isn’t what you are expecting to hear when you dive into this release, yet it portrays incredibly how she changes the mood and feeling of the rest of the tracks with ease. “Sharp Objects” incorporates so many different sounds its hard to pick a genre, with some rock stylings and even a sprinkling of funk. The title track “Perfect On Paper” has a much slower vibe to it, not to say it is slowed down completely, but the more melodic tune shows how good Georgia’s voice really is.

Georgia Fearn has an absolute wealth of talent and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of her in the future, but for now you should go check out her release ‘Perfect On Paper’ and let me know what you think of it! There are many tracks I didn’t mention but I promise they’re all amazing! You can also follow Georgia’s musical adventure on twitter @GgFearnMusic

Favourite song on the album: “Misty Mae”

You can check out ‘Perfect On Paper’ using the links below to Spotify and iTunes, or listen directly from my page!

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