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Evening music fans, I know what you are thinking, two posts in two days from Full Volume I must be feeling good, But I’ve got something that really will make you feel good, tour news and a new single from Patawawa! Patawawa announced their new single “Fight Me” and a debut U.K tour cleverly titled ‘Pat-tour-wawa’. Now I know I’m a little late to the party with their new single but I did manage to catch some of their thoughts, so here’s what Sam from the band had to say:

For people that may not have heard of the band, how would you describe your music?

I would describe our music as disco tinged with a cheeky slice of Indie and a whole heap of fun! Sounds good right?!

Your new single “Fight Me” is out now! How much work went into this single and how pleased with how it came out are you?

A lot of work went into this single, months of changing it around, rewriting it both musically and lyrically. We really wanted to put something out that we all thought was really good and we have (hopefully) achieved it!

You have your first ever U.K tour coming up, how excited are you to get on the road and show your music to people?

We are very excited!! It feels like we are turning into a proper band! Haha, We are just excited to play our music to people who have been been listening to it and really excited to make some new fans!

How important have local venues been on your way to getting to a U.K tour?

They have been so important, you need small music venues to play live and you need them all around the country so you can take your music to your new places and new people. If they didn’t exist I am not sure there would be any bands, where would you go and see bands play? Support local music venues always!

Finally, can we expect even more new music on the road to your tour and what does the future hold for Patawawa?

We are hoping to drop an EP just before we go on our tour, so we will have some new music and hopefully people can have a listen before we do so they will know the tunes a bit! The future for Patawawa holds lots more music, lots more shows and hopefully some success!
Tour Pat
Hopefully I shall get to meet the band at some point being as they seem like dead cool people.
I for one will definitely be trying to go to one of the dates on the tour, gonna be a show not to be missed! you can get tickets to Patawawa’s debut U.K tour using the links below, and listen to their new single “Fight Me” directly from my page! Enjoy.

Birmingham –

Reading –

Bristol –

Newcastle –

Leeds –

York –

London –

Sheffield –

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