Seaker – Dreaming

Alright music fans hows it going? So I have had a very busy weekend hence why there has been little content recently, I graduated from Nottingham Trent University on Friday and have been adventuring in Dublin until yesterday, but I’m back and I have new music for you!

Artist ‘Seaker’ has just released a new single titled ‘Dreaming’, inspired by (from the artist herself) “late-night realisations and those still 4am moments when somehow we manage to find complete clarity within the night”, and it is great! Dreaming is a single that mixes chilled out beats that make you feel like you are in a world of your own, with powerful vocals that speak words about the track, waking up to something that was there all along.

Dreaming 3

Seaker is set to release a number singles over the coming months along a line of music inspired by working in the English countryside to find that peace and quiet needed to bring out the side of her music she has been looking to find, leaving the message “Life is a matter of perspective”.

You can listen to ‘Dreaming’ below via Spotify, and keep an eye out for more upcoming singles from Seaker!

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