Oli Hannaford – ‘Considering Both Sides’ ft Marna

Alright people, I am back after a pretty good weekend up in Newcastle for my friends’ birthday, I have had so many emails this week with submissions so thanks for that and stay with me I’m working my way through them slowly! You may also start to see some design changes across Full Volume soon so look out for that.

‘Considering Both Sides’ is the latest single from producer and singer-songwriter Oli Hannaford, with a feature from indie pop singer Marna. Released last week, the single is an emotional story about love and lust, and the way people should think about being friends rather than showing hate, and as explained by the man himself is “an emotional account of the acceptance of being mistreated, but realising that to hate is the wrong thing to do and instead step back and try to be friends”.

It is a beautiful sounding single that uses the honest vocals of the two artists to tell the story explained by Oli, and Oli and Marna really have a great connection that shows on the track. Oli is for sure a rising talent on the music scene so keep an eye out for the name!

You can listen to ‘Considering Both Sides’ using the links below to Spotify and Apple Music!



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