Album Talk – Travis Scott – ASTROWORLD


I honestly can’t contain my excitement, waiting for this album has been such a drag, but at last we can say it is here, and it is absolutely amazing, the wait was worth it.

Those who know me personally will know that I am a big fan of Travis Scott, and ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ was one of my favourite rap albums of 2016, so I was really expecting big things from ‘ASTROWORLD’, and looks like LA Flame really brought the goods, with crazy good features including Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and newly praised rapper Juice WRLD. The album brings that classic Travis Scott sound we all know and love.

Released on Friday, August 3rd, ‘ASTROWORLD’ features 17 tracks, including the previously released single “Butterfly Effect” that was a big hit for Travis earlier this year. Flawless production and beats that you can’t not bop along to, it feels like this album is one that has been worked on non-stop to make it perfect for release. Even from the moment he teased the ‘ASTROWORLD’ trailer, everyone knew it was going to be an immense album.

The album is named after the Six Flags Astroworld amusement park in Houston, Texas, that was closed on October 30th, 2005, and in an interview back in 2017, Travis said the album was going to sound like “… taking an amusement park away from kids”. He also went on to say that it was one of the reasons he was making ASTROWORLD, after it “took the fun out of the city”.

One of the great things about the album in my personal opinion is the way he can switch from one beat to a completely different sound in the middle of a track and make it seem so effortless. The opening track “STARGAZING” features a beat switch halfway through the song, and “SICKO MODE” teases Drake lyrics before switching to Trav, and then back to Drake again after a third beat change!

With immaculate production, a whole host of features and credits, old school Travis Scott beats and even mentions of Kylie and Stormi throughout the album, ‘ASTROWORLD’ is a truly great album for any Rap and Hip Hop fan.

Favourite songs on the album – “SICKO MODE” and “CAN’T SAY”.

You can listen to ASTROWORLD using the links below to Spotify and iTunes, or listen directly from the side of my page! I am going to try and upload content every single day this week so stay tuned for that! Stay cool music fans!

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