An Interview With |ABQ|

What’s up people, Full Volume finally returns! I know I have been away for a while, forgive me, but I return with a brand new computer for writing about amazing music and a brand new website design kindly put together by my good friend Ben (Looks absolutely epic!). Back to business, and I have had so many emails from you guys with awesome new music which I shall get around to reading, but for now, if you haven’t heard of ABQ yet then you definitely should have.

ABQ are a 4-piece Irish band now based in London, described as taking inspiration from the likes of “Snow Patrol, Imagine Dragons and Biffy Clyro”, and with their debut single, ‘Takes So Long’ out now, you should give them a listen for sure. They were also kind enough to give a few words on themselves and their music, and here is what they had to say:

Who are ABQ?

ABQ are 4 Irish fellas who create and play anthemic Indie Pop/Rock music. The four of us met in University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whilst studying we all became friends and a couple years later started writing music and playing live shows together. Just over a year ago we collectively packed our bags and moved to London for a new challenge. You’ll find us at our happiest when we are on stage together being able to play to a new audience of music lovers.

Your debut single Takes So Long is out now, how excited were you to share your music with everyone?

Excited didn’t cut it! Previous to releasing Takes So Long we had spent a decent amount of time writing a lot of music and experimenting with different producers to fully find the right sound for ABQ. You only get one debut single and we wanted to be as prepared as we could be. To then release our sound to the world was a very proud moment yet slightly nervy to be receiving feedback and reviews for the first time. But it’s been a positive experience so far. 

What support have you gained on the lead up to the release of your debut single?

We wanted this first release to introduce ABQ as a band including the four of us as members, our sound, our image/style and a little bit on our background. It was important for us to come out with a visual aspect from the get go, so a music video was a must as well. We have been lucky to be featured on many different new music blogs and the music video was given a premier on Clash Magazine. We were also thrilled to be added to the line up of new music festivals ‘Hit The North’, ‘Liverpool Sound City’ and ‘The Great Escape’ which were so much fun to play. A supporting slot with American group ‘The Rocket Summer’ for their UK tour before the single release also introduced us to a new audience and gave us some valuable touring experience.

What are the plans for more music from ABQ?

Plans for new music are imminent. We have another single nearly ready to go, we are just working out timings of the release and the smaller details for that one. Before that though we should have some more scope with ‘Takes So Long’, an acoustic version will be coming soon which gives the song a more raw and emotional feel and breathes some new life into the single. As always we are creating new demos, working with new people and looking for new opportunities to have our music heard by new ears.

‘Takes So Long’ is available to listen via the link below to Spotify:



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