Dirty Rotten Souls – ‘Clive’

Full Volume is back (again), and hopefully this time to stay, and to post regular content again! I have seen that I have a lot of emails from you guys, so I shall get around to opening them and replying when I can.

Now Dirty Rotten Souls are a two-piece (former three-piece) Alt Rock band from Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom. The band got in touch with me quite a while ago, and I never got around to posting their content for you guys, but I can tell you these guys are great, and their release ‘Clive’ is definitely a tune to listen to for all you rock fans.

A guitar fuelled high tempo song that is sure to get your head banging, the band recorded Clive in a studio in Sheffield, and even managed to get a video to with it, which you can check out below:

Mark also told me that Dirty Rotten Souls have an upcoming gig live at The Rigger in Newcastle Under-Lyme on Saturday 29th September, so if you are close or local, be sure to go check them out and give them some support!

Be sure to keep up with Full Volume for new regular content, and go check us out on Twitter to keep updated!

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