Throwback Thursday – The Courteeners: ‘St. Jude’

What’s up people, it’s the return of Throwback Thursday to Full Volume, bringing it back with a bang and one of my favourite bands, ‘The Courteeners’, and their debut studio album, ‘St. Jude’. I honestly think this is one of the greatest debut albums that has ever been released, and who would have thought it has been 10 years, yes 10 WHOLE YEARS since it was released. Mental. (Warning: this blog contains swear words, because who could write a blog about ‘The Courteeners’ with no explicit language right?!).

I have seen The Courteeners live 3 times now, and they are absolutely unreal. Always get the crowd going, and I have never seen a fanbase that loves a band as much as Courteeners fans do, it’s amazing to see. What I also find hilarious is that ‘The Independent’ quoted in their review of the album back in 2008 that “exactly no one will be listening to it in 10 years’ time.”, and here we are 10 years down the line with one of the best bands around, and an album that has become timeless.

Released April 7th 2008, ‘St Jude’ reached number 4 on the U.K album chart, and won the Guardian’s First British Album Award in 2008, gaining 53% of the vote and smashing artists such as Adele and Duffy out of the water. The album artwork has become a famous symbol of the bands career, and was actually painted by the lead singer himself, Liam Fray, who has gained as many fans for himself as the band as a whole.

What I love so much about ‘The Courteeners’ is that just do not give a shit, and it’s brilliant. They’re happy to throw in lines that no one else would dream of putting in songs, such as the likes of “They fucking do my head in” and ”You’re an average girl with bad teeth”. Never have I seen an outspoken front man like Liam Fray, the man is a genius.

Now I know ‘The Courteeners’ might not be for everyone, but I would urge people who haven’t heard of them or rarely listen, to go and listen to ‘St. Jude’, you never know, you might love it!
Favourite song on the album: “Bide Your Time”

You can listen to ‘St. Jude’ using the links below or directly from the Full Volume page!

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