If You Don’t Know, Get to Know: Noname

American rapper and spoken word genius ‘Noname’ is smashing the scene right now, so get to know the name (or in fact, not a name at all).
Born and raised in Chicago, ‘Noname’ has just released her debut album “Room 25”, after her debut mixtape “Telefone” back in 2016 was a huge success with even the most stubborn of critics. Previously collaborating with fellow Chicago artist ‘Chance the Rapper’ on his mixtape “Acid Rap” in 2013, Noname has proved that she isn’t just a feature artist, and can produce her own music at the highest standard.

Back in April last year, Noname took part in one of NPRs ‘Tiny Desk Concert’, which you can check out below:

I love that “Room 25” has hints of an old-school hip-hop vibe to it, as well as brilliantly telling stories of her life and growing up in Chicago using the art of spoken word. At only 34 minutes long, I would have loved “Room 25” to be slightly longer, but the album as a whole is great, and maybe 34 minutes worth is just the perfect amount to be able to listen and love the album without getting bored.

Hailed by ‘Rolling Stone’ as “One of the best rappers alive”, Noname is one to get into for any rap and hip-hop fan.

You can listen to “Room 25” below or directly from the Full Volume page for a limited time:


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