Album Talk – Pale Waves: ‘My Mind Makes Noises’

I bloody love this band.
Been waiting on this release for a while now, and it definitely hasn’t disappointed. Pale Waves’ debut album ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ is a fantastic piece of work, and I am 100% sure you will love it too. I have been really loving my female fronted bands over the last couple of months or so, Pale Waves being no exception to this. I discovered Pale Waves when I found their debut EP ‘All the Things I Never Said’ on Apple Music, and have been loving their tunes ever since.

Released on Friday, the bands debut album features 14 tracks, including their debut single ‘There’s a Honey’ and a favourite from the guys at BBC Radio 1, ‘Eighteen’. Winning the NME ‘Under the Radar’ award at the NME Awards, Pale Waves have been rising in stardom ever since, with the support of label mates ‘The 1975’, the band is now being recognised as an amazing talent.

‘Pale Waves performing in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge 18/09/2018’

‘My Mind Makes Noises’ is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions; love, lust, self-assurance, happiness, break-ups, make-ups – you name it, its on there. The band also ran a Twitter listening party on the night of the album release, interacting with fans and explaining what the songs are all about, which is a brilliant touch. It really is an album that can have you head bopping all the way through, with unbelievably catchy tunes throughout, whilst still keeping a unique sound that keeps you wanting more.

I am lucky enough to be going to see Pale Waves this coming Sunday at The Foundry in Sheffield, and I am sooooo excited! I will take some cool pictures for you guys and make sure I post them on the page.

Favourite song on the album: ‘Black’

You can listen to ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ below, or directly from the Full Volume page for a limited time!

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