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Good evening everyone, hope you’re all well and are coping with these cold, dark autumn mornings. I cannot believe how fast this year is going, Halloween around the corner and before you know it we will be opening our presents on Christmas day! But anyway, I have some music to tell you about right now not in the future, so Rachel from HER Music PR sent me some incredibly beautiful music from Folk-Pop band ‘Sunflower Thieves’. They’re single “Two Halves” was released last month, which tells the incredible story of a close friend who lost her memory after an accident, turning the story into a beautiful portrayal of rekindling friendship. I got the chance to ask the girls a few questions for you guys to read, here is what they had to say:

How did Sunflower Thieves first form and start making music?

We have always been close friends, from a very young age, and have always shared a passion for music, particularly attending live music events. Through the very creative community we grew up in, and the everlasting support and encouragement from our families, we started playing open mics and local events, before beginning to write our own material. We became ‘Sunflower Thieves about three years ago, before releasing our debut EP, Hold The Storm, in early 2017. There was no funny or particularly memorable moment when we decided on the name, we just liked the contradiction between something beautiful and something negative.
Since then we have stepped up in both our music and performance, been joined by a drummer and bassist, and played all over the UK at more and more exciting shows.

Your single ‘Two Halves’ is a beautiful tale of a friend, can you tell us more about the song and its meaning?

The song is incredibly personal and we don’t really go into too much detail about the inspiration behind it. The message of the song was inspired by a friend who was in a vulnerable place, and the process of them rebuilding their life, and rebuilding a friendship, without making them feel threatened or overwhelmed. The artwork was created by Adam Illingworth, who took inspiration from the idea that our minds can be crazy places, with lots of beautiful things happening, and that we need to be aware and take care of this.

What support have you gained in your journey of making music?

We have been incredibly lucky with very supportive people throughout our journey as Sunflower Thieves so far. We grew up in a town in Derbyshire which has a very creative community, and lots of musical events, open mics and festivals happening all year round, where local musicians are always involved. We then started gigging in Nottingham as we both attended colleges there, and there are various individuals, venues and music fans who have been amazingly supportive, allowing us to gain slots at Dot to Dot, Splendour Festival, and many support slots including on Cattle and Cane’s 2017 tour date in Notts.
Since moving to Leeds for our studies, we have immersed ourselves in the vibrant music scene here, both in the city and at Leeds a College of Music, and we are continuing to support and be supported by all the fantastic musicians and venues here.
Last year, we represented Derby in Osnabruck, Germany at their annual Maiwoche, and recently, Sofar Sounds have provided us with several wonderful gig opportunities across the UK. We recently supported Wildwood Kin in Leicester and would definitely love to play a show with them again soon, they’re absolutely fantastic.

You write, play, produce and mix all of your own tracks, does this make you appreciate your music more when you finally get to release a track?

With our recent single release, Two Halves, we have worked really hard to achieve the sound we want to put out, and our full involvement in the whole process definitely means we can ensure we’re 100% happy with it, and can experiment with the tracks more and more, which is also then reflected in our live shows. Lily mixed and produced the song, and Mount Street Studios in Nottingham mastered it, working very closely with us to produce the best track we could.
We are so proud to be a female fronted, independent DIY band in this industry at the moment, and hope we can help motivate those around us to do the same – it’s a great feeling!

Finally, can we expect more music soon from ‘Sunflower Thieves’?

Definitely! We are writing and starting to demo new music as we speak, with a mind to release another single perhaps early 2019. We are super happy with the reception Two Halves has received and we can’t wait to follow it up with new material. We also have a whole bunch of new merch to be announced soon which we’re pretty excited about, as it’s been a while since we last had some, and a lot of it is brand new.

Keep up to date with new music and upcoming gigs at:
Twitter: @sunthievesmusic and Instagram: @sunflowerthieves.

Listen to “Two Halves” here:


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