If You Don’t Know, Get to Know |Shadows of a Silhouette|

I’m going to get straight into this one because I am excited to tell you guys about this amazing new up and coming band. ‘Shadows of a Silhouette’ are a band from Derbyshire in England, and are one of the most promising bands I have come across, with bags of talent for a young group of teenagers.

My good friend Luke was the one who told me about the band, and I instantly loved them on first listen. The band formed when the lads came together whilst at Sixth Form, with lead singer Nathan Brown already posting his own music on Soundcloud at the time, and Guitarist Reece Carter joining shortly after. Within the first couple of weeks of the pairs first meeting, they had created an album titled ‘Nicotine’, and shortly after recruited Kieran Harcus for drums and Brad Pell for Bass.

Inspirations are on a broad spectrum for the band, with each member bringing different sounds to the band to draw music from, ranging from ‘Kings of Leon’ and ‘Skip James’ to ‘21 Pilots’ and ‘Status Quo’. Despite being a fairly new formed band, Nathan says the band have “mint chemistry”, which you can definitely tell is true when listening to their music. The bands album ‘Nicotine’ is available for listening on SoundCloud which you can check out here:

This band has a lot of talent and potential and is one you should be checking out if you are into that classic indie sound. Hopefully they will look to make more new music soon and maybe even a few live events as I would love to see them perform, but I will keep you guys updated!

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