An Interview With |The Hannah Barberas|

Hey guys and girls, it’s been a while hasn’t it? the real world has taken over my life, including work, but we are back with a fresh interview from the brilliant South London band, ‘The Hannah Barberas’. They are a band you should definitely be listening to, and so here are some words from them to give you guys a bit of insight, which is going to make you love them as much as I do:

Can you tell us a little bit about ‘The Hannah Barberas’?

Lucy: We are a four piece band based in South London, though we’re from all over the place. I’m the only Londoner! The boys have all played in other bands, but this is my first. We only started playing as ‘The Hannah Barberas’ in May this year. We wrote a bunch of songs and started recording them in Matthew’s basement. We were really pleased with the sound we got, so just decided to release the songs as they were. We’ve had three EPs out now, and we’re really happy with how it’s gone. We’ve made some new friends and had a great response from blogs like yours.

Your new EP ‘No Mystery’ is out now, can you tell us about your music?

Damien: “No Mystery” came from an episode of Murder She Wrote. The cop used it in the show to indicate how obviously guilty such and such a person was. I thought it was a cute way to refer to a lover’s really obvious feelings in a song. Well, “lover” is too strong really. It’s really just about flirtation. It’s not a terribly serious song. It’s just a fun, happy song and very Hannah Barberas.
“Spellbound” is based on a song by a male friend of ours that we felt never got the hearing it deserved. But we wanted to rewrite it from a female point of view. It’s just the kind of honest and sweet song that we love.

What are your inspirations behind making music?

Matthew: We’ve all played in bands since school, so I guess it’s a compulsion to make music. The band me and Damien were in before played Lucy’s birthday party and she sang with us at the end. We were like “we should do that properly”. Fast forward a couple of years and we actually got around to doing it, rather than just talking about it.

What can we expect from the future?

Doug: We’ve got a Christmas EP out, which is to raise money for Shelter. Please go and have a listen and download to donate if you like it; or even if you don’t like it, in fact! We’ve got all the songs for the album written now, just a few more to record and then we’ll figure out what to do with it!. We want to put it out on vinyl, but that may take a while so might just do it as a small run of tapes first. We’re really pleased with it all so far, the band seems to be getting better and more interesting with each session. Just buzzing to see what happens in 2019, I guess.

You can listen to the ‘No Mystery’ EP using the link below, and make sure you go and check out the fantastic Christmas EP, all for a good cause!


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