Are you ready to play? TRACK APPROVED – building fanbase… Preparing players… The Internet Game has begun!

Man, it feels good to be back writing and bringing you guys new music to listen to, and I’m going to start the year with a corker from one of my good friends Ekkyl Jones, and his new single ‘INTERNET GAME’.

Originally from Derbyshire, now living in London to pursue his musical dreams, Ekkyl Jones has been working extremely hard to get his music out for everyone to listen, and following his debut single ‘Hunters Cage’, comes a quirky new single with loads of funk and good vibes.

‘Internet Game’ has that robotic sound that you’d expect to hear with a song titled as it is, and a brilliant use of autotuned vocals to accompany the catchy beat. Honestly, I’ve been toe tapping all day listening to this. I always appreciate artists who are willing to move away to pursue their careers at any means possible and Ekkyl Jones is a fantastic example of this, and I think you’ll all agree with me after listening to ‘INTERNET GAME’ that he is doing a fantastic Job, and is genuinely nice guy, loving seeing him make great music!

Listen to ‘INTERNET GAME’ and ‘HUNTERS CAGE’ below using the link to Spotify!

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