An Interview With: |Silkrats|

I have been receiving some absolutely fantastic submissions of music in the new year period, I’m loving listening to everyone’s tunes. It’s nice to see everyone trying to push their music in 2019, us bloggers try our hardest to promote new artists and music. as well as a lot of good submissions, I have already seen some fantastic work within the community from some of my friends such as Vanessa from House in the Sand with her “How To: support musicians in 2019” post and  Savannah over at The Music Mermaid pushing artists to use reviews from blogs that actually help rather than pages such as Pitchfork who seem to love to criticise everything.

Anyway, speaking of supporting great artists in 2019, here we have Silkrats, an alt-rock band from Nottingham, and their debut single ‘Partners in Crime’ is available right now! a band in its infancy with some huge potential, and were kind enough to answer some questions I posted to them for you guys to find out some more about them, and here is what they had to say:

Who are Silkrats?

We’re a rock and roll band from Nottingham that tries to combine a fucking racket with a nice melody.
The 3 instrumentalists of the band are the oldest and best of friends, meeting at school. Luna (vocals) joined the band after we met online, and we clicked almost instantly.

What artists have inspired you to make music?

Instrumentally we definitely take the foundation of our sound from the rock legends, finding common ground in a love for Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin for example. From there though our differing individual tastes are really what adds the seasoning to that basic Silkrats sauce. Adam (guitar) leans towards classic-rock bands with catchier, hook-filled songs (the likes of Queen, Status Quo and The Who). These are really strong live bands, ones that work(ed) really hard at being as tight as possible and putting on a massive show, and Adam definitely drives and focusses us in that regard too.

Then the rhythm section of the band (Matt & Lewis, bass and drums) often try to sneak in grooves inspired by modern metal bands (Northlane & Architects to name a couple), are both huge fans of Californian “beach goth” outfit The Growlers, and for some songs even draw inspiration from hip-hop producers.

silkrats 2

On top of all that, Luna comes in with vocals inspired by people like Mark Lanegan, Alison Mossheart (The Kills), Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees), and adds a dimension to our sound that would never have existed without both her voice and the different angle her influences bring to the table. As you can tell, each member brings something different to the party– our collective influences are broad, they range from folk singer-writers to the heaviest of metal bands and cross every bridge along the way. Our sound is the sweet spot where our interests overlap – it’s something that satisfies the tastes of, and can therefore be enjoyed by, all of the band.

Female fronted bands have been at the forefront of music recently with breakthroughs from the likes of Pale Waves and Wolf Alice, do you think female fronted bands are on the rise?

Hopefully! It would make sense, given the political climate around female empowerment.
Honestly though, we don’t really think about the fact that we’re “female fronted” that much. We all grew up listening to rock music, and that includes acts with a strong female presence (Siouxsie & The Banshees, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, The B52s and Flyleaf to name just a few). If real bands that play real music are getting more attention then that’s what excites us, and if they happen to be fronted by women then that’s awesome.
That said, it can’t be ignored that historically there’s been a real lack of women finding success in heavier scenes, which have often been viewed as intimidating “boys clubs”, so to see that changing is undoubtedly a good thing and we hope to see it continue!

Your debut single Partners in Crime is out now, how excited were you to release your debut single?

It’s nice to finally get the ball rolling and get ourselves out there. We were nervous about releasing it after working on it for so long, but the reception has actually been overwhelmingly positive. There’s no better feeling in this world than seeing other people enjoy something we’ve created.
It was also exciting because it meant we can draw a line under its production (which we did entirely ourselves, at home) and focus our attention in the next tunes!

What can we expect from the future of ‘Silkrats’?

In 2019 we’re just trying to get ourselves out there! We have 5 more songs in production already, the first of which will be released sometime in February. Other than that, we’ll be gigging as much as possible and seeing what damage we can do!

Listen to ‘Partners in Crime’ now using the link below!


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