Bob Sumner – New York City

Time to inject a bit of new music into your life, and this one is one I’m sure you will want to listen to. Bob Sumner and his track ‘New York City’ is out now.

Bob has been at the heart of country/rock and roll for nearly 15 years, writing songs with his brother Brian, and decided that he wanted to bring out his balladic roots. He has said “I had all these ballads and folk songs that worked really well together”, and before we know it, we have a brilliant album named ‘Wasted Love Songs’ released tomorrow!

‘New York City’ is a beautiful song that sums up ‘Wasted Love Songs’ perfectly, infatuation with every song they’re brilliant. Bob has a voice that can really pull you in and make you feel every lyric.

Check out a live performance of ‘New York City’ and listen to the track now:

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