Album Talk – James Blake: ‘Assume Form’

Monday Monday Monday, a sad day for most, back to work after a weekend of fun, but Monday’s aren’t so bad if you have new music to listen to, right? This album is absolute fire, I honestly think it could be in my list of top albums for the year come the end and it is only January. James Blake and his much-anticipated new album is here.

‘Assume Form’ is the fourth studio album from singer songwriter James Blake, and as expected, it has some amazing features including Travis Scott, Rosalía and OutKast member Andre 3000. The album features 12 tracks, including the previously released single “Don’t Miss It” and tracks produced by the talented Metro Boomin, and comes in as the first 5 star rated album of 2019 in NME magazine. James Blake is showing the world how talented he really is on this record, and most certainly portrays himself as more than just a sad singer who makes “sad boy music” as it has said to be called by certain music influencers.

Much of the influence of the album has said to have come from his girlfriend, former BBC Radio 1 presenter Jameela Jamil. Blake also gave a fantastic passage (read here) on men expressing themselves emotionally which explains that men should should be able to talk about their emotions openly without feeling like they will be labelled or stigmatized. The album has received much praise since its release from some of musics biggest influencers.

Tracks range from hip hop to pop and even some electronic, the selection of genres on the album really is brilliant. As well as being a top-class producer, James Blake’s vocals are nothing short of excellent, using different tones on different tracks to bring a range of feelings and emotions to each song. Each and every track is beautifully crafted, James Blake’s best piece of work to date.

Favourite track on the album: Into the Red

Listen to ‘Assume form’ here on iTunes, below on Spotify or directly from the Full Volume page for a limited time!

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