If You Don’t Know, Get to Know |Shepard Tone|

Hey gang, I know it is a Thursday and you will be expecting a Throwback here on Full Volume, but instead today I have an artist that I think you should familiarize yourself with, and that artist is called Shepard Tone.

Shepard Tone, also known as Brad Rude, is an artist that makes indie/folk tunes, and has been pursuing music for over a decade! Brad wrote his first song when he was just 12 years old, and 12 years later finds himself within a solo experience of music under the name Sheppard Tone.

Brad studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and specializes in bass guitar and vocals, which he uses to his advantage over catchy beats within pop and indie music. before becoming Shepard Tone, Brad had previously performed in several musical groups, and has since grown with experience and talent.

Shepard Tone has released an EP named ‘My Summer Dream’ and I have been loving it ever since it got sent to me at the start of this month. My Summer Dream consists of 5 tracks, and brilliantly ticks the boxes of a bit of pop, indie and folk music all as one. The first released single from the EP ‘Fuzzy Teeth’ is my favourite one from the project, and is a really chilled out track, with a soft undertone combined with effectual vocals throughout.

You can check out Shepard Tone and his EP ‘My Summer Dream’ directly below via Spotify:

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