Dante Rapper ft Mishaal: Killing Games

Good evening music fans, as some of you may already know there has been little content this week until now, unfortunately i have been busy with applications and all that rubbish, but anyway here we are back with some more fresh music, coming straight to you from Dante Rapper, in the form of ‘Killing Games’.

Brought to me by the lovely Adam from Sounds Good, Dante Rapper falls into the category of Emo Rap, being linked with artists such as XXXTentacion and Shiloh Dynsasty, and ‘Killing Games’ brings those aspects to the table for sure. Dante Rapper has created quite the buzz on platforms such as Soundcloud and YouTube, and you can see why, with this sad style of rap definitely on the rise, music I most certainly am a fan of. Don’t just mistake this track for a sad/slow song, Dante Rapper in my opinion brings an almost J. Cole style flow to the track with his lyrics, but ultimately it is a song that is going to hit you right in the feels. The acoustics on the track really give it a touch of emotion.

Check out ‘Killing Games’ on Soundcloud:

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