Full Volumes 1st Birthday!


Yes, that’s right people, today is Full Volumes 1st birthday, and I can’t believe that we have been delivering you great music for a whole year now, where has the time gone?! I still remember the day I created this tiny blog in my university bedroom and entered the wonderful world of music reviews, and to get to where I am today with many great friends and actually getting people wanting me to review their music is incredible. I have a few things to say in this post before I let you have the juicy part, but I’m sure you can put up with a soppy start in return for a monster playlist from some incredibly talented people, right?

I would first like to say I am grateful to everyone that has helped my tiny blog from day 1, including some of my closest friends taking the time to read my posts and support my musical recommendations even if it isn’t their taste. The smallest gesture; retweet, like or share have all played a part in building my blog.

I would like to thank the bloggers and review sites that were first to interact with Full Volume and essentially show me the ropes in this crazy industry, all the help was and is massively appreciated. A special mention to Adam at Sounds Good who was the first to help Full Volume when I had 0 followers, and kindly replied to my reach out for help showing me all the tips I needed to get me off my feet!

Somehow along the way I have been integrated into a fantastically weird group of people who love music (and goats), who have all played a part in enhancing Full Volume to make it a better and bigger platform, as well as bringing joy and laughter into my life every day. Known as The Blog Squad:

Adam – Sounds Good

An avid goat lover who played a huge role in Full Volumes growth, Adam is one of the funniest guys I have met, and is amazing at what he does. I think sometimes there is more to just reviewing a piece of music, and Adam has a massive personality that makes you want to read everything he writes, a truly great guy.



Vanessa – House in the Sand

Vanessa is a lovely girl, and an extremely talented one at that. House in the Sand has been running for 7 years, how crazy is that? I aspire for Full Volume to be as successful as House in the Sand one day, and as if everything she has achieved wasn’t enough, she has a magazine coming out! Cool right?! If Full Volume is even half as good as HITS in 6 years’ time, I’ll be very happy. You can get the HITS magazine here: https://houseinthesand.bigcartel.com/



Luke – Atwood Magazine & More

Luke is the cool guy of the group, he meets all the cool artists and has loads of cool stories to tell, I know, cool isn’t he? He writes for so many music sites I honestly don’t know how is has the time, but he is brilliant at it. I love how passionate he is about meeting new artists, and is always out and about watching music or bringing it to you guys, and I envy him for being cooler than me.



Savannah – The Music Mermaid

Sav is crazy, and when I say crazy, I mean absolutely wild, but in a good way. She is very passionate about the music she reviews and brings laughter to our chat with her sassiness and outbursts of emotion, it really is great to see, I think. She works extremely hard to produce great content and is one of the most naturally gifted writers I have come across, if not the best I have seen. She even uses words that I have never heard of in my life, but her content always makes me say ‘wow’.



Dale – Peanut Mixtape

Dale relates to me a lot because we aren’t from weird places like the US or the south of England. She has great banter and always brings me laughs when watching her dispute with Adam over the weird shit he says (he says a lot of weird shit). Peanut Mixtape is a wonderful platform and always provides only the best music, and her reviews always have me fixated to my screen.



Crysta – Jasper PR

Crysta is one of the wisest people I know, honestly, I think she knows the answer to every question I’ve ever seen asked to her, proper music guru. If I ever need to know how to promote myself or music, Crysta is my go-to. Not only is she brilliant at plugging music, she can write too! Multi-talented, something I wish I was!



Abby – Indientry

Abby is extremely smart, and somehow has the talent to balance school life with her incredible blog, and on top of that, has a podcast too! I am so jealous of how talented she is, as well as her great taste in music. Indientry will remain to be one of my favourite places to discover new music, it really is brilliant.



Also shout out to Holly (Holly Rees), Rhys (St.Buryan) and Jonathan (Unbloom) who are also part of the blog squad but spend most of their time making incredible music rather than writing about it, all of you bring wholesomeness and love to the team, but more importantly, amazing tunes.

The Good Part

Now I have successfully plugged all my great friends, some of them found time to chip in on a massive playlist full of their choices of tunes, including 10 choices of my own, and honestly, I think it is the greatest playlist I have ever heard. They also had some words for Full Volume on its first birthday:

House in the Sand

“It’s not every day that you get introduced to a group of bloggers who will inspire you on a daily basis. But sometimes it actually happens! That’s how I got to properly to e-meet Callum & Full Volume – and I’m so glad it happened. Seeing the website grow and develop with such excitement for music, is honestly refreshing – so happy first Birthday, Full Volume! We can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with you!”.

Sounds Good

“Callum and I actually became acquainted right after the conception of Full Volume. He dropped an email asking for tips and advice on how to not have a mental breakdown while running a music blog and well, I couldn’t help him. It did start what’s become a beautiful relationship however, as we’ve both been able to watch his blog run out into the open and become a wonderful source of new music. I’ve also been given the opportunity to see his nipples before himself in person, how weird is that? But I think it sums up how great it’s been to call him a bud.

Callum is a sweetheart and his email remains one of the most genuine I’ve received in all my time as a blogger. Happy 1st birthday to Full Volume! Cannot wait to see how you continue to grace the ears with consistent recommendations of music new and old.”

Peanut Mixtape

“They grow up so fast don’t they? It’s hard to believe that Full Volume is only a year old with all that Callum’s achieved in this year but no doubt year two shall be even bigger and better! Full Volume and it’s lovely owner/parent Callum came into my life through a thoroughly wild group of bloggers that have safely brought us all closer together through goats among other things and I couldn’t be more thankful to have Cal as a friend and fellow Northerner in this crazy little blog world we’re in.”

The Music Mermaid

“I feel so lucky to have connected with Cal on Twitter last year — he’s madly in love with music and just wants to support artists which he does every single time he writes a new piece for Full Volume. As a writer, Callum is detail-oriented and articulate. As a music lover, he’s passionate and excited. And as a person, Cal has a gold heart and is always ready to share smiles. It’s a pretty great combination for Full Volume, I think.”

Jasper PR

“Celebrating our 1st anniversary with Full Volume Blogs with a guest playlist. This makes our steel cold black hearts warm with toxins. Happy Anniversary Full Volume Blog! You are inspiring and we love your friendship and the laughs that you bring along. Wishing you many more music notes to pass on through your words”

And finally, I applaud you if you are still reading at this point, but here is Full Volumes birthday mega mix courtesy of song choices from myself, Peanut Mixtape, House in the Sand, The Music Mermaid, Sounds Good and Jasper PR. I thank you for reading this extremely long post and hope you all love the music,

Callum – Full Volume x

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